Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Delivery Tomorrow!

I am excited because Tyler's play ground arrives tomorrow via UPS. Rick may not be as excited because he will have to put all of it together! Uggg. Luckily, I like putting things together so I can be his assistant. Now we need some shade trees, a patio, and some rose bushes and we'll have our backyard completed. It is currently sad, lonely, and empty.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Little Things Ty Does That Make Me Smile & Laugh

I know that anyone who has children will be able to relate to this completely. There are things my child does that are so darn cute and he isn't even trying to make me laugh most of the time. He's just funny. On the flip side of that, there are some funny and odd things I've said to him. My favorite is, "Tyler, will you stop mushing sausage in your hair?" He likes to put sticky/foody fingers in his ears and behind the ears. I have also said, "Tyler please do not bite the couch or please don't stare at me while I'm trying to use the bathroom (toilet)." I can think of so many other ways in which his personality is just way too adorable. There have been times in which I would love to be a fly on the wall and just observe him for a couple of hours. Granted, I do observe him but it can be easily interrupted by life: doing dishes, laundry, blogging (I am observing and blogging right now. Tyler just ran into the TV and Rick asked him if he's okay. Tyler said, "Yeah, I'm fine." He had never said anything like that before. Anyway, I think I will post more of the everyday funny things. Rick and I think Tyler is hilarious but I suppose all parents think that....but trust me....Tyler is hilarious!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trying Not to Jump to Conclusions

A lot of the time I am able to talk myself out of being sad that we might not be able to have another child. It is just a strange feeling that I have, that Tyler will be an only child. I try to be positive about it and tell myself that it is so AWESOME that I was blessed to give birth to a child. Perhaps I have an extra speck of the miracle of a child being born because Tyler was so very ill all of those weeks in the NICU. We came close to losing him two or three times. Sometimes I feel selfish that I want another one; I should be happy with what I have. I am happy but I still want another one. I don't want him to be an only child. I'm an only child so Tyler will have so few family members. Rick only has one sibling so there are not a lot of family members on his side either. I didn't have anyone to grow up with, to relate to. As an adult, I still wish that I had a sibling or two or three to relate to, especially since my mom has passed on. Like I said, I can usually talk myself out of having a pity party but tonight I am sad. It is pretty late and I must be tired because I wouldn't normally put something so mushy on my blog. Tomorrow I will wake up and I will make myself be fine again. :-)

Monday, July 21, 2008

EdVenture Visit

Rick and I took Tyler to EdVenture today. We've never been there before and loved it. We will go back for sure. Tyler ran around the place with his legs moving so quickly the rest of his body could hardly keep up. He screamed with delight but apparently he was too loud for himself because he would put his fingers in his ears! It was funny.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Moral Dilema & Wal-Mart

I have a love/hate relationship with Wal-Mart. I'll bet you can relate. I love their low prices and plentiful selection. I dislike their customer service and clientele. (Tega Cay is not so bad but the one on S. Tryon....oh, my). Today I went there for few items with Tyler. We went to the one on S. Tryon because it was on the way home. I had a coupon for a free tube of Rembrandt toothpaste. Coupons are particularly confusing to Wal-Mart cashiers. They look at them like they are written in Chinese. Anticipating this, I told the cashier that it is a coupon for a free item and that I wrote the price on it, which was $6.34. Then it began, she stared at it and stared at it. She said, "I hate coupons like this." After what seemed like 10 minutes she deducted the price of the toothpaste and I was on my way or so I thought......

Somehow she took the $6.34 off twice. Hmmm, what to do? The debate began in my mind:
1 I am frustrated with Wal-Mart almost every time I leave.
2 I'll have to wait in line in Customer Service and that may take a while.
3 They're the ones who made the mistake.
4 Who cares, they suck anyway.
5 It was an honest mistake on their part and I should give the money back.

I made my decision. I would walk over to Customer Service and tell then I needed to pay for an item (but only if there was not a long line). Hey, I wanted to be honest but Tyler may have been off to college by the time I got through a long line. There was no one in line so I told the worker I owed them some money. I did not do the right thing so that I would be thanked but the thing that annoyed me was that the lady kind of acted like I was bothering her.

I still think that Wal-Mart sucks but the frugal side of me will still go back.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dog Food, Cat Food, and Tyler

Yesterday Ty and I went to pick up the cat who was being groomed. It was actually $70 and not $65 like I originally thought. Anyway, Tyler is sitting in the cart while I'm talking to the groomer. He reaches over to the counter where a bowl of complimentary large dog biscuits was. He picks it up and proceed to munch on it. The groomer looked at me as if to say, "Lady, your kid is eating a dog biscuit!" All I said was, "That is pretty normal for him." I will come back to this topic in a few moments. (I know my long-time Phoenix friends who are reading this are thinking, "Jen let Tyler eat a big dog biscuit and it didn't phase her?!) I had a reputation of being very qwirky and anal retentative about even the smallest things. I have chilled out a lot.

I'm not sure how my MOMS Club friends view me in that regard but trust me, I'm more laid back. I don't even alphabatize my CDs or DVDs anymore! It sucks because I honestly love putting things in order or sorting things into catagories and sub-catagories. I would have made a good Librarian.

A few moments later we're back in the car. Lemieux (cat) was not happy being in his cat carrier and the way expressed this was to give a pathetic, drawn out, desperate "MEOW" every couple of seconds. Then I start to mimic him and then Tyler laughs at me mimicking the cat. There was about 10 minutes of this and it was really funny. I wish Rick could have been there. On top of it all, Tyler totally laughed at the Lemieux once he saw the cat's haircut. I don't think the cat thought it was funny.

This leads us back to the topic of Tyler and dog biscuits. Oh, this will make great blackmail material when Tyler is a teenager! This kid loves both dog food and cat food. Gross, I know, but it doesn't even phase me because it's been going on for so long. Honestly, we keep the pet foods in the least available places for Tyler to get to them. The kid is too darn smart and manages to get to the food anyway. At least Tyler reciprocates. At each meal we find Ty gently giving Strider and Lemieux some of his food. As long as everyone, especially Ty, is getting enough calories and nutrition then I will not turn into an issue with Ty.

My Ambien is kicking in so I don't even know it this post makes sense. Gotta love Ambien. Ambien is a sleeping aid in case you've not heard of it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Golden Scissors?

What kind of world do we live in which a cat's haircut cost four times what a person's haircut cost? I am pretty frugal and go to Great Clips for my haircuts. I've had expensive haircuts in the past and have discovered that no matter how much I spend, my hair is simply uncooperative. Why spend a lot when I get the same results as I do when I spend about $15? My cat, on the other hand, gets the treatment royale'. His haircuts cost $65 (including tip)! Now before you jump to a conclusion and think I'm one of those freaky cat lovin' people, let me explain. This is the going rate for a cat's cut. Trust me, I have priced it. I have been told it is because cats are difficult to do, which I believe. At least this includes a bath, blow dry, and a nail clipping. I should also hope that the scissors are made of gold at that price. We get his haircut because he is a disheveled mess otherwise. He sheds enough to make a second cat. The truly ironic part is that we have his fur trimmed so short that he looks totally ridiculous. Seriously, I'll post a photo. We like to get our money's worth!

Monday, July 14, 2008

HSG Results & Being Sorry

I had the HSG procedure today in which dye was injected into my uterus and fallopian tubes. This was loads of fun as I'm sure you can imagine. Everything was completely fine. Have to talk to the doctor to see what is next. In the meantime, I'm allowed to keep trying to get pregnant.

On a separate note, Rick was taking care of Tyler on Saturday night. Tyler proceeded to take his meal and cup of water and made a huge mess on his tray. He likes to 'paint' with his food and drinks. Rick came over to Ty and said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Rick felt badly that he raised his voice and said, "I'm sorry, Tyler. I shouldn't have been loud." Tyer retorted, "You're sorry? I'm sorry!"

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th and 5th of July

We went over to the Jagers' house for the 4th of July to watch Jeff set off fireworks off of the dock. Tyler did not like it. The sound really bothered him! We put Tyler inside; Rick and I took turns staying inside with him. I felt badly for Tyler but it was pretty cool watching the fireworks being set off from the dock over the lake.

The next night we went to Showmars with the Holmes'. Rick and I are used to Tyler taking food off our plates but the funniest thing happened. As soon as we all received our meals, Tyler pulled Dave's plate toward him and took food off it. I had to do a double take because I had never seen him do that to anyone else's plate before. Dave and Joni have a 3 year old so they are rather understanding of toddler community property.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Socks as Toys

Tyler was cracking me up tonight when we were all in his room; he was playing with toys. I keep all of his socks rolled up in pairs in a Rubbermade type container. He got it out, opened it up, and poured socks all over himself. He also tried to balance the sock balls on his head. Someone should have told me, don't buy him toys, buy him lots of socks. I guess you had to be there but it was funny to us.